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The NCAA and NBA basketball seasons, along the NHL, are in full force and packed with daily action.
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    NFL power rankings:
    1. Green Bay Packers (NFC No. 1 seed): The Packers (+380) deserve to be the favorites with their offensive efficiency led by likely repeat MVP Aaron Rodgers and improved all-around defense. They are overdue for a big breakthrough in three superb seasons under Matt LaFleur. The decision to have a Week 18 tuneup can help at home in the playoffs to restore the Lambeau Field mystique.
    2. Kansas City Chiefs (AFC No. 2 seed): The Chiefs (+450) seem more a lot more vulnerable with Patrick Mahomes and their defense than in their consecutive Super Bowl runs the past two playoffs. But the experience and coaching of Andy Reid cannot be discounted. They also won it all as a No. 2 behind the Ravens two years ago. The Patriots are back in the playoffs, but Mahomes and Reid are what the Patriots used to be with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick — the consistent team to beat in the AFC until deemed otherwise.
    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC No. 2 seed): The Buccaneers (+750) are dealing with a ton of injuries offensively and defensively, but they also are led by the GOAT, Tom Brady. He can keep things together and even without Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown, Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski are a dangerous 1-2 punch. They should also get key bodies back for the running game and defense, two things that fueled their winning wild-card Super Bowl 55 run. Brady's got a big break by getting back up to No. 2. Even though the Packers are better equipped to solve them this time, the Buccaneers will remain a difficult out should there be a NFC championship rematch at Lambeau.
    4. Tennessee Titans (AFC No. 1 seed): The Titans (+850) have seen Ryan Tannehill break out of his passing slump tied to having legitimate wide receivers in A.J. Brown and Julio Jones back healthy and making key plays. Now there might be big-time help on the way in the form of Derrick Henry hammering once again in the power running game to further facilitate what can be an explosive offense. Tennessee also likes to get very physical with Mike Vrabel and plays terrific situational football. Key early wins over the Chiefs and Bills also cannot be forgotten, or the sneaky home-field edge he Titans can have with their loud crowd.
    5. Buffalo Bills (AFC No. 3 seed): The Bills (+750) felt like they were ready to displace the Chiefs when they solved them in Kansas City early in the season. But they went through their own pass-happy offensive slump with Josh Allen and also had their share of shocking defensive breakdowns. Like Mahomes, Allen seems to be back on track, leaning more on the traditional running game while the defense keeps tightening the screws, especially against the pass. Should they get another shot at the Chiefs in the divisional playoffs, nothing will come easy the second time.

    usasportsconsultants.net Starting 1/28/2022, we will be USASportsConsultants.net. Make sure you update your bookmarks!. All site content, user infomration and service data remains the same. We are only chaning the URL.

    NBA power rankings:
    1. Suns (34-9, Last Week No. 2): One way to define contender is top 10 in the NBA in offensive and defensive rating, and by that measure there are a few teams in the mix (Bucks, Heat, Grizzlies, using Cleaning the Glass’ numbers). The corollary to that is a team in the top five on both ends is a title favorite, and right now only one team meets that mark — Phoenix. The Suns would love to see if they can pick up another rotation player at the trade deadline using Dario Saric‘s contract (he is out so far this season after tearing his ACL in the Finals), but there is no pressure to get a deal done. This team is deep and balanced and does not need anything except a little health luck to make another Finals run.
    2. Grizzlies (31-15, LW 1): Ja Morant and the Showtime Grizzlies offense — they are the league’s most entertaining team — grab all the headlines, but the recent run of wins has been built on defense. In their last 15 games, they have the third-best defense in the league, which has fueled the 12-3 record. It has been a surprising turn because back in November the Grizzlies had the third worst defense in the league, but in January they have been 8.4 points per 100 possessions better. Jaren Jackson Jr. making a leap on that end as a paint protector has been at the heart of the improvement.
    3. Heat (28-16, LW 7): Bam Adebayo is back in the lineup, as is Jimmy Butler, and that should concern everyone else in the East because this team kept winning without those two and now add the All-Stars back into the mix. The downside is with Adebayo and Dewayne Dedmon in the rotation, we may not see as much Omer Yurtseven. What came out of all the injuries and COVID with Miami is a stronger and deeper bench, making this team even more formidable come the playoffs because Erik Spoelstra will have options. The Heat have 5-of-6 coming up at home.
    4. Warriors (31-12, LW 3): How can a team trail the Bucks by 39 at the half one night come back and be up 31 at the half on the Bulls the next night? That has been the inconsistent Warriors of late, and surprisingly the issue has been the offense — their 108.1 offensive rating the last 15 games is 25th in the league over that time (the defense was still top 10, but that will change with Draymond Green out a couple of weeks, at least). The good news is the Warriors have a chance to right the ship with seven in a row at home.
    5. Jazz (29-15, LW 4): Talk of turbulence between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert always seems to surface when this team struggles, but it’s usually nothing that a few wins will not cure. The bigger issue in Utah may be the play of Jordan Clarkson, who sent from scoring 111.6 points per 100 shot attempts a season ago to 103.8 this season. Looked at another couple of ways, his 3-point shooting is down to 31.7%, he’s shooting under 40% overall, and his true shooting percentage of 51.4 is well below league average. Clarkson is a microwave scorer who doesn’t bring much defense or other elite skills to the table; if he’s not scoring much, it will be hard for Quin Snyder to keep playing him this many minutes (25.9 a game).

    usasportsconsultants.net Starting 1/28/2022, we will be USASportsConsultants.net. Make sure you update your bookmarks!. All site content, user infomration and service data remains the same. We are only chaning the URL.

    College basketball power rankings:
    1. Auburn (17-1): Walker Kessler finished with 15 points and six blocks in Wednesday's 83-60 win over Georgia. The Tigers' next game is Saturday against Kentucky.
    2. Gonzaga (15-2): Chet Holmgren finished with 22 points and nine rebounds in Thursday's 78-62 win over San Francisco. The Zags' next game is Thursday against Loyola Marymount.
    3. Wisconsin (15-3): Johnny Davis finished with 27 points and eight rebounds in Tuesday's 82-76 win at Northwestern. The Badgers' next game is Friday against Michigan State.
    4. Baylor (16-2): LJ Cryer finished with 25 points and two rebounds in Tuesday's 77-68 win at West Virginia. The Bears' next game is Saturday at Oklahoma.
    5. Kansas (15-2): Jalen Wilson finished with 16 points and eight rebounds in Tuesday's 67-64 win at Oklahoma. The Jayhawks' next game is Saturday at Kansas State.

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