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    MLB Power Rankings (Last Updated: 04/19)
    1. Orioles (9-4): They are 8-4 with Manny Machado and Mark Trumbo hitting poorly. That'll play at the one spot. Through the first 12 games of Trey Mancini's career (which started last season), he has seven home runs and 14 RBIs — tying an MLB record.
    2. Astros (10-5): If the Astros aren't your favorite team and you get the chance to watch them, try it. They are very fun. Jose Altuve bounced back in a big way over the last week, Dallas Keuchel has been superb and George Springer has six homers. They've won four straight and five of six to jump to the top of the A.L.
    3. Red Sox (9-6): Just in case everyone forgot about him, Craig Kimbrel is still on the short list of best relievers in baseball. Chris Sale earned Pedro Martinez comparisons after his first start at Fenway Park. He has a 0.74 WHIP and 1.25 ERA through three starts.
    4. Yankees (10-5): We've probably been down on the Yankees more than most people (aside from their legions of haters, of course), but that eight-game winning streak has to earn them a hefty promotion here in the Official Power Rankings.
    5. Cubs (8-7): They have been playing pretty terribly since that 5-2 start, but here's the thing: The Reds and Brewers aren't better. The Pirates just lost their best player for half the season and the Cardinals have been way worse. There is no reason for concern or to drop them further than this just yet. If this keeps up through next week, a large tumble is coming, though.

    NBA Power Rankings (Final Season Update: 04/14)
    1. Golden State Warriors (67-15): The Warriors are peaking at the right time—not just this season but also in their three-year run. Their average margin of victory was higher this season than it was during any other in franchise history, notably eclipsing the marks they set in last year's 73-win effort and the title-winning one before that. And after the All-Star break, Golden State damn near doubled the net rating of the No. 2 team, posting a plus-11.0 to Miami's plus-5.6. Relative to the rest of the league and their own standards, the Dubs are better than they've ever been. Whether that equates to a vicious, no-resistance run to their second title in three years is a separate question. We saw them stumble last season as injury, fate and LeBron intervened. Nothing about the future is certain. As for the present, the Warriors appear unstoppable. Having forged an airtight defense and re-empowered Stephen Curry with more pick-and-roll touches sans Kevin Durant, they have KD back for the games that matter. Nobody is in Golden State's league as the playoffs begin.
    2. San Antonio Spurs (61-21): The San Antonio Spurs defense has been stingy all year, and it showed no signs of regressing down the stretch. Conversely, the Spurs struggled to score after the break, managing just 106.2 points per 100 possessions and ranking 16th in the league during that span. Tony Parker can't create anymore, LaMarcus Aldridge needs a size advantage to score in the post these days, and you can only ask for so much efficiency from Leonard and his mid-range and post-up arsenal. If things go south for San Antonio, particularly in a down-the-road matchup with Golden State, it'll be because it can't score enough to compete. For now, the Spurs remain the clear No. 2. The possible MVP, stout defense and another 60-win season made that an easy choice.
    3. Cleveland Cavaliers (51-31): The Cavs didn't finish the season with the top seed in their conference. They didn't secure the highest net rating. They didn't even win more often than they lost after the All-Star break. In fact, they lost several games spectacularly—like the one in which they led the Hawks by 26 points in the fourth quarter. The last 1,005 times a team had a lead that big that late, the result was a win. Cleveland did some spectacular failing. Ranking the Cavs here, in the face of overwhelming recent evidence that they're nowhere near deserving, is an act of faith. There's no logic to it. If Cleveland gets bounced before the Finals, we'll have a million red flags to reference. But it's just too difficult to look at James, the league's best player still operating in his prime, and rank his team any lower. We are buying the efficacy of switch-flipping until this team proves the fuse is blown.
    4. Toronto Raptors (51-31): Nobody in the East had a higher net rating this year than the Raptors, and that plus-4.9 figure might actually undersell how good this version of the team is. That number might be higher if Kyle Lowry hadn't missed time because of wrist surgery. And if Toronto had a whole season of Serge Ibaka and PJ Tucker to transform the defense, that would have helped, too. What matters now, though, is that all three of those players are raring to go for the postseason, along with DeMar DeRozan, who's coming off a career year in which he scored at will and kept the team afloat without Lowry by leaning on an outdated style of mid-range jumpers and isolation attacks. Say what you will about the guy's process, but don't deny the results. In fairness, DeRozan sputtered in last year's postseason, and it could happen again if Antetokounmpo defends him in the first round. But on balance, the Raptors enter the playoffs with the best mix of offense and defense in the East.
    5. Houston Rockets (55-27): The 2016-17 Rockets shot and made more threes than any team in NBA history. So whatever happens in the playoffs, Houston got here—55 wins, the third seed in the Western Conference and a possible MVP Award for Harden—by blazing its own trail. If forced to make predictions about this Rockets team before the season, though, you probably would have guessed it'd be more likely to break all-time shooting records than finish in the middle of the pack on defense. But Houston managed both. The Rockets have their hands full with Westbrook and the Thunder in the first round, and Harden has had a tougher time scoring against OKC than he has against any other in-conference foe. Wouldn't it be something if Houston's advancement depended more on getting stops than outscoring the opposition? It's possible that's how it will play out, as Oklahoma City is well-equipped to slow down the Rockets' record-setting attack.

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